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B.Sc. Computer Science  PROBLEM SOLVING IN C important questions

1. Explain Block diagram of Computer.
2. Define an Algorithm. What are the key features of an algorithm?
3. Write about go to statement with syntax and example.
4. Dynamic memory allocation.
5. Explain pointers in arrays.
6. How to write data from files with example?
7. Write about enumerated data types.
8. Briefly explain various types of recursions.9. a) Briefly explain about generations of computers.
9. What is a Flowchart? Explain significance with an example.
10. Explain basic data types in C?
11.  Explain about iterative statements available in C.
12. What is an Array? Explain different types of arrays with examples.
13.  What is a string? Explain various string handling functions available in C.
14. Define a function. Explain the passing parameter mechanism.
15. Explain about Structure with syntax and example in detail.
16.Define and use of a pointer and write a ‘C’ program on swapping of two numbers using pointers.
17. Explain file modes in detail.


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