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ANU C Language Model paper

ANU C Language Model Paper

B.Sc(computer science) DEGREE EXAMINATION

First Year –II semester                                       Time: Three hours
Subject : ‘C’ programming                                  maximum:     75 marks

Answer any five (5X15=75)

1.a) Explain the structure of c-program.
    b)what is a token .Explain different types of tokens.
2. a) what is an operator? explain different types of operators.
     b).Explain various control structure of C Language
3.a)Write a C Program to find Whether a given number is prime or not.
    b) Write about different data types of C Language.
4. a) What is an array explain different types of arrays.
     b) Write a c program to add the two matrices.
5. a) Explain different types of functions.
     b) Write a c program to find out the factorial of the given number.
6. a)Explain the string handling functions in C language.
    b). Write a c program to check the given string is palindrome or not.
7. a) Write a C program to find sum of two numbers using pointers.
    b) What is a structure .explain.
8. a)Explain file modes in c-language.
     b)Explain file handling functions in c-language.

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