Important Shortcuts

Important Shortcuts 

Most Useful  Computer Keyboard Shortcuts For All Employees, Students.

Important Key Board shortcuts

WINKEY                        Pressing the Windows key alone will open Start.

WINKEY + F1               Opens the Microsoft Windows help and support center.

WINKEY + D                Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows.

WINKEY + M                Minimizes all windows.

WINKEY + E                 Open Microsoft Explorer.

WINKEY + Tab             Cycle through open programs through the taskbar.

WINKEY + F                  Display the Windows Search or Find feature.

WINKEY + R                  Open the run window.

WINKEY + Pause / Break key        Open the System Properties window.

WINKEY + L                                         Lock the computer and switch users if needed.

Ctrl + A                                                    Select All text

Ctrl + X                                                   Cut Selected item

Ctrl + C                                                   Copy Selected item

Ctrl + V                                                  Paste the Cut/ Copied item.



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