C Important questions

C Language important questions


  1. Explain about Generation of programming languages in detail.
  2. Define Algorithm. Explain the key features of algorithm.
  3. Explain about structured programming.
  4. What is flowchart? What are the symbols used to draw flowchart? Explain.
  5. Explain the structure of C program with an example.
  6. Write about basic data types used in C Language.
  7. Define an operator. Explain various types of operators in C.
  8. Write about various Tokens in C language.
  9. Explain type conversion and type casting with example.
  10. What is an identifier? Explain rules for naming an identifier.


  1. Explain Decision making statements in C. (OR) Branching statements in (OR) Conditional statements.
  2. Explain various looping / Iterative statements in C with example.
  3. Write break and continue.
  4. What is function? Explain how a function is declared in C?
  5. Write about Function Prototype. (OR) Describe four categories of function prototype.
  6. What are the differences between call by value and call by reference?
  7. Discuss about storage classes in detail.
  8. What is function? What are different types of function.


  1. Define array? Write how to create, access and store elements into an array.
  2. Write about one dimensional array with example.
  3. Explain two dimensional arrays with examples.
  4. Explain two dimensional arrays for inter function communication.
  5. Define string? Explain various string operations in C.


  1. Write about the pointer representation to an array?
  2. Define pointer. Discuss pointer in functions with an example.
  3. How do you pass arguments to the functions using pointers?
  4. Give a brief account on array pointers.
  5. Write about Memory allocation and dynamic memory allocation.
  6. Define pointer? Discuss about array of pointers, array of function pointers.
  7. What is structure? Explain with example program.
  8. What is structure? Explain array of structures with examples.


  1. Explain I/O Operations on Files. (OR) Explain File I/O Functions. (OR) Explain Reading data from file and writing data into file.
  2. Explain different modes of opening a file.
  3. Explain error handling during file operations with suitable example.
  4. Define File. Write a C program to copy the contents of one file to another.
  5. Write a C program to read the data from file. File consists of Fields Reg.No, Name, Marks in 6 subjects.





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