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[2020-21 Batch onwards]

I Year B.Sc.-Physics:  I Semester


Work load:60 hrs per semester                                                        4 hrs/week


Course outcomes:

On successful completion of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand Newton’s laws of motion and motion of variable mass system and its application to rocket motion and the concepts of impact parameter, scattering cross
  • Apply the rotational kinematic relations, the principle and working of gyroscope and it applications and the precessional motion of a freely rotating symmetric
  • Comprehend the general characteristics of central forces and the application of Kepler’s laws to describe the motion of planets and satellite in circular orbit through the study of law of
  • Understand postulates of Special theory of relativity and its consequences such as length contraction, time dilation, relativistic mass and mass-energy
  • Examine phenomena of simple harmonic motion and the distinction between undamped, damped and forced oscillations and the concepts of resonance and quality factor with reference to damped harmonic
  • Appreciate the formulation of the problem of coupled oscillations and solve them to obtain normal modes of oscillation and their frequencies in simple mechanical systems.
  • Figure out the formation of harmonics and overtones in a stretched string and acquire the knowledge on Ultrasonic waves, their production and detection and their applications in different


  1. Mechanics of Particles (5 hrs)

Review of Newton’s Laws of Motion, Motion of variable mass system, Motion of a rocket, Multistage rocket, Concept of impact parameter, scattering cross-section.

2.   Mechanics of Rigid bodies            (7 hrs)

Rigid body, rotational kinematic relations, Equation of motion for a rotating body, Angular momentum and Moment of inertia tensor, Euler equations, Precession of a spinning top, Gyroscope, Precession of atom and nucleus in magnetic field, Precession of the equinoxes


  1. Motion in a Central Force Field (12hrs)

Central forces, definition and examples, characteristics of central forces, conservative nature of central forces, Equation of motion under a central force, Kepler’s laws of planetary motion- Proofs, Motion of satellites, Basic idea of Global Positioning System (GPS), weightlessness, Physiological effects of astronauts


  1. Relativistic Mechanics (12hrs)

Introduction to relativity, Frames of reference, Galilean transformations, absolute frames, Michelson-Morley experiment, negative result, Postulates of Special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformation, time dilation, length contraction, variation of mass with velocity, Einstein’s mass-energy relation


  1. Undamped, Damped and Forced oscillations: (07 hrs) Simple harmonic oscillator and solution of the differential equation, Damped harmonic oscillator, Forced harmonic oscillator – Their differential equations and solutions, Resonance, Logarithmic decrement, Relaxation time and Quality

6.   Coupled oscillations:              (05 hrs)

Coupled oscillators-Introduction, Two coupled oscillators, Normal coordinates and Normal modes.


  1. Vibrating Strings: (07 hrs)

Transverse wave propagation along a stretched string, General solution of wave equation and its significance, Modes of vibration of stretched string clamped at ends.

8.   Ultrasonics:           (05 hrs)

Ultrasonics, General Properties of ultrasonic waves, Production of ultrasonics by piezoelectric and magnetostriction methods, Detection of ultrasonics, Applications of ultrasonic waves, SONAR


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