How to create user name in SQL

How to create user name in SQL?

What is the right way to use sql commnds

Step1: First you need to connect system user. If you want to connect system user use the following command.

Sql> conn system/oracle;

Step2: After connecting the system user you need to create your own user account.

Sql> create user <user name> identified by <password>

Sql> create user mahesh identified by snehajobs;

Step3: after connecting the user you need to provide resources to user.

Sql> grant connect, resource to < user name>

Sql> grant connect, resource to Mahesh;

Step4: if you want to connect your own user use your own user and password.

Sql> conn Mahesh/snehajobs;

Step5: if you want to check your hold which user

Sql> show user;

Step6: if you are holding your own user, you must create sql tables.



Updated: July 14, 2019 — 3:17 pm

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