DBMS Important Questions

V Sem DBMS important questions

DBMS important questions and previous papers help to get good marks in University exams

Discuss about data and information

Discuss in detail DBMs objectives.

Write about evolution of database management system

Classification of Database Management System


What is file processing system and explains problems with file system data management?

What are the functions and services of DBMS

Explain Codd’s relational data base rules.

Discuss about the reasons brings you to choose the data base than file system.


Write about Components of ER Modeling

What is normalization? Explain the need for normalization in database design

Explain about Basic normal forms:


Define Literal. Explain briefly different types of literals.

Write about advanced data definition language commands 

Write about data manipulation language commands (DML).

Discuss about sub queries and correlated sub queries.


Write about structure of PL/SQL Program

Write about PL/SQL Operators.

Write about Control structures in PL/SQL

Discuss in detail cursors



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