C++ Important questions

C++ Important questions for VSU Fourth semester 

C++ 10 Marks important questions 

Describe the basic concepts of OOPS

Write the difference between OOP and POP

Describe the general structure of C++

Explain looping statement with syntax and example

Write about functions in C++

Write a program to find matrix multiplication

Explain about friend function and friend class with suitable example.

Explain constructor and destructors.

Explain in detail various types of inheritance

Describe operator overloading with example.

Compare and contrast difference between C and C++

What is operator? Explain different types of operators in C++

What is array? Explain different types of arrays with examples.

What are the objects? Explain how objects are created in C++

Write a detail note on some popular high-level languages

Describe operator overloading with examples.

C++ 5 Marks important questions 

Explain applications of OOPs

Write programming languages generations.

Write about cin and cout objects

Explain Scope resolution operator in C++

Write about inline functions

Define array. Write about single dimensional array.

Define a structure and class

Explain member function with an example

What is inheritance ? Explain the benefits of inheritance

Write about virtual functions.



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