Web technologies important questions

Web Technologies Important Questions

Discuss in detail email inner working
Explain about features of email.
Write and explain about table tag
what is form? Write and explain about the form controls
Define CSS. discuss in detail about it.
Write in detail about properties and values of boxes and borders in style sheet

Define internet . Write advantages and disadvantages of internet.
Discuss about various terms used in web
Explain the inner work of email.
Explain about properties related to fonts

Write a short notes on history of internet.
Explain about web browser and web server.
write a short notes E-mail account names and passwords.
write briefly about protocols
Write the features of HTML
What is the style sheet ? what are the advantages
Write the syntax of list tag
Explain briefly aboutinline style definitions.
Write briefly about multimedia objects
Explain about message components
Write short note on HTML
Write about list tag
Explain about <TR> and <TD> tags
What is frame ? What are its advantages
Write a short notes on external style sheets
write about properties and values in style sheet





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