Types of languages

Types of Languages

Software :

Software is a development process, which converts imaginary into reality by writing set of programs.

Program: Set of instructions, every program contain some data and elements.

Programming: Organizing the data and elements in a proper way.

Application programs: 

Collection of programs used to solve given problem statements is called applications software. These are designed based on some programming languages.

Types of Languages

  1. Low level languages
  2. High Level Languages
  3. Middle Level Languages

Low Level Languages : 

  • There are two low level languages
  • Machine languages: only two symbols are used in writing the programs using machine language. They are 0’s and 1’s. it is very difficult process to write programs.
  • Assembly languages: Assembly languages are formed with the combination of mnemonic It contains simple English words like ADD, SUB, MUL

High level languages

  • High level languages are formed with the combination of simple English sentences.
  • Ex: Basic, COBOL, Pascal, C++, Java, .net

Most of the people are interested to design programming language in High Level Language. But computer understood only binary language. which contain binary notations 0’s and 1’s.

So, there is a mediator is required to convert the given programming language machine codes. such mediators are called translators.


A translator is a program that converts the given programming language from one type to machine codes.

Different types of translators

  1. Assembler
  2. Compiler
  3. interpreter
  • Assembler is a translator used to convert the assembly language program into machine code.
  • Compiler is a translator used to convert the entire program into machine code.
  • Interpreter is a translator used to converts line by line of the program into machine code and display errors immediately.

Middle level languages

  • It can support both high-level and low level language instructions. That’s why it is called middle level language.

        Ex: C



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