Software Engineering important questions

Software Engineering important questions

vsu V Semester important question

anu previous question papers 2017

anu degree 5th sem previous question papers 2019

anu 5th sem previous question papers 2017

  1. Explain about software Engineering Process paradigms( models)
  2. Describe in detail Risk management
  3. what is Project scheduling? Explain different techniques for project scheduling.
  4. Explain the requirement engineering
  5. Explain the feasibility study
  6. Explain the Analysis Model?
  7. Explain the effective modular design
  8. Explain the Architectural design and Procedural design
  9. Explain the data flow oriented design
  10. Explain the user interface design
  11. Explain the Human factors
  12. Explain the software quality Assurance
  13. Explain the path testing
  14. Explain the Control structures testing
  15. Explain the Black box testing
  16. Explain the reverse Engineering and reengineering
  17. Explain the CASE tools
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