Introduction to C

Introduction to C Language

Computer can understand only the binary code. i.e. 0’s or 1’s.So initially the programmers use to write any program using binary code. This was difficult task for the programmers. Later they change this one, using binary code is difficult task for the programmers.

So they move on to next generation language called as assembly language. Where they have turned this binary code into some codes called as mnemonic codes.And using this code also does not serve the purpose of the complete programming. So later they were seeking for high level language.

i.e somewhat like English language. With this thought they develop some languages like COBOL, FORTRAN, and PASCAL etc. but using them only they can develop either application software or scientific applications. So using them is a difficult task means a person who wants to develop a normal application or system software has to learn over the things. i.e. Either the COBOL or something like PASCAL. So they thought of a developing a language which can serve both the purposes.

i.e. System software as well as application software.

So what is system software?

System software is used to develop the hardware functionalities.

Ex: OS, device drivers etc.

Not only this but also the memory management.

Whenever a program is in execution the memory resources are managed by the operating system itself. And moreover whenever you are taking considering something floppy drive or even it rotates but how it rotates? It is being controlled by the software itself.

System software is unlimited where as application software is limited. i.e application software has got certain boundaries. i.e. beyond the boundaries you cannot use that one.

Ex: if you are going to develop a program for calculating an interest or something but not others.

So thinking of these things they develop a language called as C language. And this is also known as system programming language. Because using this language we can develop both kinds of applications. i.e. systems applications and normal general purpose applications.

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