I Sem Important questions

Computer fundamentals and Photoshop

Unit – I

What are different types of Computers? Explain?

Explain in detail evaluation of computers

What is computer? Explain its characteristics and limitations.

Explain the logical organization of a digital computer.

Unit – II

Write about various types of input and output devices.

What is memory explain various types of memories

What is software? Explain different types of softwares.

Unit – III

How to create, save and open a document in Photoshop.

What is Photoshop? Explain its features.

Explain various screen modes available in Photoshop.

What is palette? explain various types of palettes available in photoshop.

Unit – IV

What is color mode? Explain various color modes available in Photoshop.

How to make color corrections in Photoshop? Give the relevant commands.

What is zooming and panning in an image. Explain.

What are guides and grids in Photoshop? Explain their usage.

Unit – V

What are the different operations on layers.(  working with layers)

What is Layer style? Explain in detail

What is adjustment layers how to create and work with adjustment layers

What is filter? Explain about filter menu.

What is Filter? Explain various filters available in Photoshop.

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