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Gram Volunteers/Ward Volunteers Recruitment Phase III

Andhra Pradesh Grama/Ward Sachivalayam Volunteers Recruitment Phse III

It has come to the notice of the Government that, some Gram Volunteers and Ward Volunteers vacancies arose due to unauthorized absence, irregular in attending duties and some have resigned their job during the crisis of outbreak of Covid-19. Government also noticed that, as the role of the Village/Ward Volunteers in delivering the services to the door steps of Households is crucial, there is an immediate need to fill up the vacancies arose due to resignation and for other reasons.

The Government have examined the matter and decided to fill up the vacancies of Village/Ward Volunteers in all Villages/ULBs of the State by issuing the following guidelines for positioning of Village/Ward Volunteers in 3 rd Phase in modification of earlier guidelines.

The Notification shall be issued in Telugu language by the MPDOs in respect of Rural areas and Municipal Commissioners in respect of Urban Areas and shall be published in the respective Village/Ward Secretariats for vide publicity, wherever the vacancies are available in the existing clusters of the respective Village/Ward Secretariat jurisdiction.

The number of vacancies of Volunteers shall be arrived by the concerned MPDOs/Municipal Commissioners as per clusters/territorial units, which are in functional existence after due consideration of the vacancies arisen, if any due to resignation or other reasons. Volunteers, who are on leave because of maternity and other health grounds may not be considered as vacancies. Further, while arriving at number of vacancies, MPDOs/MCs shall ensure that the volunteers do not exceed the existing cluster/Territorial Units. And, if any duplicate or redundant cluster/Territorial Units are in existence in the data base, same should not be taken into consideration for arriving at vacancies. Any request for adding new cluster to any Secretariat shall be considered on the case to case basis at State Headquarters following the same in rationale basis.

The applicant shall be of at least 18 years of age as on 01.01.2020 and shall have not exceeded 35 years.

The candidates shall apply online through Website link provided by this department.

Important Dates

1. Notification inviting applications                  20-04-2020

2. Receipt of application                                       20-04-2020 to 24-04-2020

3. Scrutiny of applications By                              25-04-2020

4. Interviews by selection committees               27.04.2020 to 29.04.2020

5. Intimation letters to selected volunteers      27.04.2020 to 29.04.2020

6. Positioning of volunteers                                 01-05-2020

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In case of Panchayats:
All eligible applicants shall be called for interview by the Selection Committee consisting of MPDO/ Tahsildar / EO (PR&RD). The letter of
engaging the services of selected Village Volunteers will be issued by the Chairman of the Selection Committee, i.e., the MPDOs
In case of Urban Local Bodies:
All eligible applicants shall be called for interview by the Selection Committee consisting of Municipal Commissioner, Tahasildar and PO / TMC, MEPMA. The letter of engaging the services of selected Ward Volunteers will be issued by the Chairman of the Selection Committee, i.e., the Municipal Commissioner.

The interview board will select the most eligible applicants based on the following four parameters:
1. Should have knowledge on various Government Schemes, Programs, welfare activities – 25 Marks
2. Previous work experience on various Government Welfare Departments and programs/ NGOs/Federations/Social activities – 25 Marks
3. Leadership qualities, good communication skills and general awareness – 25 Marks
4. Soft Skills – 25 Marks

Each of the four parameters will carry 25 marks each totaling to 100 marks.

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