Data Structures important questions

Data Structures important questions

           Unit – I

  1. Discuss about linear and Non linear data structures.
  2. Define data structures. List various types of data structures. (OR)
  3. Discuss about Double Linked Linear List
  4. Define double linked list. Explain how to insert and delete an element at the end of the list.
  5. Write a detailed note on Circular Linked List.

     Unit -II

  1. What is stack? Explain its Applications
  2. What is stack? Explain basic operations of stack data structures.
  3. What is stack? Discuss about array and linked representation of a stack.
  4. What is a Queue? Explain its operations?
  5. What is a queue? Explain types of queue.

    Unit -III

  1. What is binary Tree? Write the properties and applications of binary Trees. ?
  2. Explain Binary tree representation?
  3. Explain various methods of traversing of a binary tree with examples:
  4. Explain various operations on BST with an example.

   Unit – IV

  1. Explain different types of Graphs.
  2. Write the Applications of Graphs
  3. Explain sequential and linked representation of a graph with example.
  4. Explain various graph traversals with examples.
  5. Discuss about Spanning Trees.

 Unit – V

  1. Explain the algorithm for selection sort and give a suitable example.
  2. Explain the algorithm for insertion sort and give a suitable example.
  3. Explain the algorithm for bubble sort and give a suitable example.
  4. Explain the algorithm for QUICK sort (partition exchange sort) and give a suitable example.
  5. Explain the algorithm for Merge sort and give a suitable example.


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