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Types of languages

Types of Languages Software : Software is a development process, which converts imaginary into reality by writing set of programs. Program: Set of instructions, every program contain some data and elements. Programming: Organizing the data and elements in a proper way. Application programs:  Collection of programs used to solve given problem statements is called applications […]

DBMS Important Questions

V Sem DBMS important questions DBMS important questions and previous papers help to get good marks in University exams Discuss about data and information Discuss in detail DBMs objectives. Write about evolution of database management system Classification of Database Management System   What is file processing system and explains problems with file system data management? […]

Adobe Photoshop Useful shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Useful shortcuts Adobe Photoshop is developed and manufactured by Adobe systems Inc in 1988. It is an image editing software for multi media professionals like photographers, designers, animators and graphic producers. We can explore our creativity and achieve the highest quality results across all media. The main objective of Photoshop: Creating new images. […]


VERY USEFUL SHORT FORMS==========================   VERY USEFUL SHORT FORMS for all users like students, employees, job seekrs, .Amaging abbrevations. computer abbrevations for students.1.) GOOGLE : Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth .2.) YAHOO : Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .3.) WINDOW : Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution4.) COMPUTER : Common […]

DDL Commands

Write about data definition language commands (DDL) The data definition language commands are used to create objects (tables). Alter the table structure of an object, and also to drop the object, the DDL contains the following commands. Create Alter Drop Truncate 1. CREATE: The create command is used to create database objects such as table, […]

Generation of computers

The computer generation means step-by-step growth in the technology. It is often used in relation to the hardware of computer.  There are totally five generations of computers till today. The following table illustrates the generations of computer hardware: First Generation (1940-1956) Second Generation (1956-1965) Third Generation (1966-1975) Fourth Generation (1976-1990) Fifth Generation (1990-Present First Generation […]

How to create user name in SQL

How to create user name in SQL? What is the right way to use sql commnds Step1: First you need to connect system user. If you want to connect system user use the following command. Sql> conn system/oracle; Step2: After connecting the system user you need to create your own user account. Sql> create user […]

Computer Applications

Computer Applications Computers are seen everywhere around us, in all spheres of life.Computers have now become an essential part of our lives.Today, computers are widely used in fields such as engineering, health care, banking, education and research, travel and tourism, weather forecasting,social networking, E commerce and so on. Government: Computers are used in government Organizations […]

CSS Selectors with examples

CSS Selectors Selector is a syntax to select the element.First we have to select the element and then we have to apply style. Tag selector Id selector Class selector Compound selector Grouping selector Child selector Direct child selector Attribute selector Tag Selector: It selects all instances (examples) of a specific tag. Syntax: tag Id selector: […] © 2019 All Rights Reserved